Thousands of refugees will be awarded permanent visas as Labor fulfills an electoral pledge.

Relocating to Australia

As Labor works to implement its pre-election vow, thousands of refugees in Australia who have been “in limbo” for years will be entitled to stay permanently in the nation.

Around 19,000 to be granted permanent visas in Australia


Around 19,000 refugees who entered Australia before to the start of Operation Sovereign Borders in 2013 will be eligible to seek to switch to a permanent Resolution of Status (RoS) visa starting on Monday.

People who hold Temporary Protection Visas (TPV) and Safe Haven Enterprise Visas (SHEV), which Labor committed to eliminate at the previous election and which human rights organizations have characterized as inhumane, are affected by the change.

People who are given a new visa will have the same privileges and rights as other permanent residents, and they will right away be qualified for social security benefits, NDIS participation, and financial aid for higher education.

Once they have satisfied the appropriate citizenship requirements, they will also be eligible to apply to become citizens and be able to sponsor family members to immigrate to Australia.

The long-awaited news was finally announced on Sunday night by Immigration Minister Andrew Giles, who said that previous Coalition administrations’ policies have caused thousands of Australians who have contributed to the country to live in uncertainty for ten years.

Often in rural and regional regions, “TPV and SHEV holders work, pay taxes, start businesses, employ Australians, and build lives in our communities,” he said.

“However, without permanent visas, they have been unable to obtain financing to purchase a home, establish their enterprises, or continue their schooling.

“Keeping them in limbo makes no sense, either economically or socially.”

Behrouz Boochani, an advocate for refugees, and members of the crossbench criticized the administration last week for not moving swiftly enough to carry out its election promise.

Clare O’Neil, the minister of home affairs, reaffirmed the Albanesian government’s dedication to Operation Sovereign Borders and cautioned individuals against trying to reach Australia by boat.

You will be turned away or sent back to your port of origin if you attempt to enter Australia without a legal visa, she warned.

As a result of Operation Sovereign Borders, there is absolutely no chance of settling in Australia.

“Our seas are being patrolled by the Australian Border Force and Australian Defense Force to intercept and return any boats that attempt to enter.”

Approximately 5,000 applications for temporary visas (TPV and SHEV) are being evaluated at this time or are being subject to judicial scrutiny.

According to the government, the procedure will continue unaltered, and if it is determined that a candidate meets the requirements for a temporary visa, they will be automatically issued a permanent visa.

Prior to the general online application opening in late March, the Department of Home Affairs will invite those who have a temporary visa that is about to expire to apply for a new permanent visa.

The government claims that around 2,500 persons who have had their temporary visas previously denied or revoked will be forced to leave Australia voluntarily and will not be allowed to apply for permanent visas.

Key Points

  • The number of refugees who can seek to live permanently in Australia will be around 19,000
  • Immigration Minister Andrew Giles says it makes “no sense” to put migrants “in limbo” Labor had
  • pledged to eliminate temporary protection visas before the election.

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